Upotte!! Episode 7 Impression


Okay, that was a nice snow episode, I guess. Anyway, we get to see out middle school heroines do random things. The nice thing about the episode is it builds the relationship between the students and the teacher (or sensei). We also get to learn how that the teacher is actually a pervert (and that was expected). The story so far doesn't really have any sort of connections because it's just a pure echii anime.

Other than that, the series is pretty much okay and I don't find anything that negative but it is getting closer to Hetalia and the girls still call themselves as "guns". I mentioned this before but another thing is that they actually called the teacher a "human" even though they are human themselves which is what I find kinda strange. Besides my point, I think there should be an explanation why these girls consider themselves as "guns". Are they just mentally crazy or something? So overall, the episode is decent and I'll be looking forward to the next.

Conclusion: A decent snow episode but there are some things I still don't quite understand.
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Ecchi Catgirl  

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It's amazing to see just how much research must have gone into the series. All these gun facts work so well with a slice of life anime.

If you consider it, they'd be humanoids. Honestly the girls would be best to arm themselves, but since they keep going on about a human holding them, that must be the end result. Funco should deffinitely go with sensei.

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Perhaps but it's still a mystery and the sensei surprisingly consider them as "guns" without an explanation.

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Upotte!! Episode 7

I feel sorry for the Japanese-teacher in this episode, LOL


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Yeah... Poor guy stuck with them.

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