Star Ghost Agency from Another World Web Novel Chapter 1-1


My name is Leilani Hikaru. I'm the only daughter of Japan's Ambassador in Hawaii, United States. As for my home, I freely

rotate between Tokyo, Japan and Big Island, Hawaii because I'm an adult (age 18).

Although, my family mostly lives in Hawaii because of father's political work.

Regarding my main line of work, I work for an intentional online news outlet that has a Japanese and English speaking hybrid

audience. This job is perfect for me because I can speak both languages fluently and I can still travel anywhere.

As for my hobbies, I love to play shooting video games, watch anime and read some light novels.

Oh, in case you're asking on why my first name is "Leilani", it's because of my father's love towards Hawaii.

Also, the name's meaning is "heavenly" which attracted my father. However, my family is full Japanese blood and myself

included of course.

Leilani's Home Trip
Hikaru Family's Home, Tokyo, Japan

It's a late morning because my delayed airplane flights. I've walked all the way from the bullet train station to the my home's

residential area. Fortunately, it was a short walking distance and Japan is mostly a "safe country", right?

But, when I finally started crossing the street to my house at the opposite direction, I suddenly heard a car's engine and

head lights facing towards me quickly.

I was able to identify the car as a truck. But, I did not have fast enough reaction time to dodge it because the truck is going

too fast.

During my final moments, I questioned to myself:

"Oh, it's the infamous truck-kun from the anime and light novels I've seen?"

"Maybe once I die, I'll be reincarnated as a hero in another world?"

"Oh well, good bye my nice young adult life and family..."

Then the truck rams me hard and my body started flying.

Once I slammed on the ground, I felt a lot of pain and saw blood oozing out of me.

But, before I lost consciousness, I got a glimpse of mysterious shadow of a young man dressed in a fully geared soldier outfit.

Who is he?

After that glimpse, I passed out and assumed I'm dead now.

2 Months Later...

Star Ghost Agency Main Headquarter
Star Kingdom Territory, Arthia (alternative fantasy world)

"Oi, wake up!"

I just heard a young man's voice and then started opening my eye lids.

When I woke up, I saw a young man in military dark brown uniform sitting on the stool that is next to my bed. He has a star

symbol on his left sleeve.

I then quickly examined my body. Surprisingly, there was no damage and it looked well.

"Let me guess, am I reincarnated in a fantasy world as a hero?", I said to him.

"Eh? Nope. But, that was a nice joke.", he responded in a neutral tone.

"Then where am I? Am I still alive?", I asked him in a panicking tone.

The young man then explained the whole story to me. After the few hours of briefing, I think I understood it.

I'm apparently now a super human half cyborg with some combat abilities.

The location I'm in is the main headquarters of a ghost military organization called Star Ghost Agency. They are also a joint

military ghost operation between Japan and the Star Kingdom from another world called Arthia.

Japan was able to make contact and form a joint military alliance with the Star Kingdom because of the hero's relationship.

The hero who is named Naoko was summoned from Japan to save Arthia from the Demon Lord's forces. Naoko participated

in the war with the Star Kingdom and along with other kingdoms for several years. After he defeated the Demon Lord, the

Star Kingdom gave him a portal device that opens portals between Earth and Arthia. Then, Naoko thought up an idea to get

his country and Star Kingdom into an alliance. When he returned to Japan, he found out that he was officially declared dead.

But, he went to a Japan Self Defense Force base and explained his story to them and even showed them the portal device.

Soon later, Japan and the Star Kingdom has formed the Star Ghost Agency. The agency is actually named after the kingdom

and they established a basic white start as their own symbol. Main objects is to indirectly protect Japan and the Star

Kingdom from any international threats in both worlds. They are a ghost military group with no official affiliation with Japan

in Earth. But, for Arthia, they are not ghosts and has Star Kingdom citizenship.

The agency's primary language is English and secondary is Japanese. English is the main language during operations because

they can't be traced back to Japan and plus, the kingdom's language is English.

Well, that is most of the information I've gathered at least.

"So what's your name?", I've asked the young man.

"My name is Naoko Matsuda."

"You're the hero?", I said in a surprised tone.

"Yes.", he said.

I'm in more shock...
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