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So there's an interesting anime flash game called Trigger Princess which is sequel for the Trigger Knight. The game will be a fantasy RPG experimental game which will be probably similar to the original. So currently, it's being developed by a small game studio called Mintsphere. Though unfortunately, they officially announced that they do not know the estimated release date but they do hope that they will release it sometime this year.

Other than that, unlike Trigger Knight, one of the developers (who goes by the name of FanFan) stated that the player will be playing as the heroine (Trigger Princess) and summon heroes to do her bidding since she can't really fight.

Here is a statement that FanFan said:

The Princess alone is helpless and cannot fight directly, but she can summon up to 6 “Ephemeral Heroes” to fight on her side. These “Ephemeral Heroes” act as her Sword and Shield, and there are several class to choose from, all with their own pros and cons. Summoning the right Ephemeral Heroes at the right stage while still managing your Resources (the same as Trigger Knight) will be the half-key to survive in this game.

While upgrading and choosing the Ephemeral Heroes already add depth to the gameplay, we will add more depth via Equipment selection. We wont tell how the equipment will change the tides of battle now, but it’s the another half-key of the gameplay. How so? Stay Tuned!

Quoted From:

In any way, this game looks pretty quite promising and I'll be definitely looking forward to it. Putting that aside, if you didn't play the original game yet, you should try it!

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Looks interesting, I'll give it a look when it'll come out! :P

2012/05/24 (Thu) 12:30 | EDIT | REPLY |   



You should play the first game while you're waiting. :P

2012/05/24 (Thu) 12:34 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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