Why Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void is Terribly Greedy


In case you're wondering on why I randomly became silent on posting about Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, it's because 91Act's true nature is very "greedy" and their poor community management. I unfortunately got tricked and this is my rant.

I was basically observing on how these developers would handle the gacha bug situation and backlash surrounding it. When the gacha bug got discovered, they did not bother to disable the gacha and fix it like what other standard gacha mobile games would do. Plus, they even gave out poor compensations/announcements and has poor customer support service. Here's some examples of past English reddit threads explaining the negative situation.

They finally admit their gacha isn't working right and suggest not to waste your money on it, but only after most sales of the day has been collected. Instead of shutting it down until it is fixed, it is still left up in its current "bugged" state. from r/crossingvoidglobal


PSA: Beware of spending on Crossing Void. Potential gacha probability scandal being uncovered. from r/gachagaming


I hope you guys realize the gravity of community managers relaying the message "This <bug> only affects a few accounts" from r/crossingvoidglobal


By the way, the "current positive opinions" is mainly from the tricked newcomers (or oblivious active players) who are on their "honeymoon phases" and they don't realize the very slow stamina system yet. If this game somehow launches in Japan itself, it won't do well because of their poor service and bugged/rigged gacha system (and potentially violate Japan's laws for gacha games).

Anyway, I personally believe Kadokawa and Sega wastefully gave their Dengeki Bunko license to a greedy Chinese company like 91Act. If they wanted to do some business in China and does nice international localization outside of it, the license should have been given to certain good Chinese game companies like Yostar.
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