Upotte!! Episode 9 Impression


So I apparently thought this episode will be entirely a beach fan service but it wasn't, surprisingly. I'm not saying it's a "bad thing" because it would have turned out a really generic episode that I see everyday if it was like that. Anyway, our middle school girls go to a resort and take a break from school (once again). Though, there is finally a big plot and more serious action at the near end which is sweet and also, the resort will become a battlefield on the next episode. It's just cool that the creators were able to stuff that there along with fan service.

But the thing I need to point out (and might have mentioned this before)is that I don't really see any connections between the episodes so far in the series unless it's a "big plot". All the events and story doesn't really make any sense when you put them together and it's just plain random. Basically If you miss an episode (unless it's a big plot part), you wouldn't really miss on anything. So there's no one big story in the series I notice. However, I could be wrong. So overall, nice fan service with more action stuffed in.

Conclusion: Nice fan service with a serious plot and action stuffed in.

Personal Note: Will the Japanese teacher become child molester soon? I wonder...
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Ecchi Catgirl  

じ––– っ

I can't see how he'd become a molester when she clearly wants it more than him.

Besides, we know they are guns not human. So unless the rules are different for that world, you can't have sex with a gun. You can however pull her trigger.

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I still think their human and might have been obviously raised as "guns". I feel bad for the girls on whoever raised them if that's the case.

...And since when did I define a child molster to have sex? O_O

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Upotte!! Episode. 9

I consider this series only as fanservice random >_<

I want the squid mug!!!

Because it can make the beer taste better @_@"

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Haha, yeah!

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