Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Episode 9 Impression


So finally, Shadow Yuuko is showing herself entirely in this episode! But before we get started, am I being delusional that Shadow Yuuko looks quite similar to Black Rock Shooter? I mean one of her eyes are flame blue and the hair color/style almost looks like the pony tails of once again, Black Rock Shooter. Are the creators trying to hint something the viewers or they're simply inspired? Well anyway, we also get another serious horror plot which is great and I had been waiting for more to show up.

I'm just somewhat dazzled that there's still goofy moments and a lot of serious moments stuffed together in one episode. Although, it could have been worse but it's managed pretty decently and they nicely triggered from one to another. For the characters so far, they are getting better but will there be more characters introduced besides just a small amount? Other than that, the ending went to something really unexpected and it it didn't turn out to be a fight exactly. So overall, nice build up and can't wait for the next episode as usual.

Conclusion: Cool build up showing more details of Shadow Yuuko.
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