Princess Connect! Re:Dive Anime and Game Openings Comparison Thoughts


The openings for Princess Connect! Re:Dive mobile game and anime has very different styles. Here's a video that compares them.

Personally, I really like the anime version opening compared to the game opening. The anime version just gives a nice KonoSuba style vibe and seems to be much more lively. An example is the Gourmet Guild doing their questing, and it's exactly not in the original opening. (Also, I don't care about Kaiser who is in the game version opening anyway.) However, I was a bit biased on preferring the game version opening at first.

Ironically, the anime's director named Takaomi Kanasaki / 金﨑 貴臣 did work on the KonoSuba anime which explains why there's a "KonoSuba vibe". Anyway, I think Cygames has hired the right director and producers because the anime adaptation has been quite enjoyable with certain humor that isn't in the game itself.
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