Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi Episode 1 Impression


Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi is an original anime sequel for the Inuyasha series. On this episode, Kagome's and Inuyasha's aftermath life gets revealed.

Wow! I'm very excited finally see the continuation of Kagome's and Inuyasha's aftermath life. Also, the Root demon plot is very cool. Other than that, I'm happy to see the original Inuyasha voice cast make their return and the animation is nicely upgraded. Now what's going to happen for the next generation's origin? I'll be really looking forward to it. Overall, awesome aftermath continuation and cool Root demon plot.

As a side note, I wonder if Ranma 1/2 is going to ever have a sequel like Inuyasha.
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