Champione! Episode 2 Impression


Oh wow, this episode wasn't even generic and this series could end up as an original kinda like Sora no Otoshimono (if you haven't seen it yet, watch it). Anyway, we basically get to see the relationship going deeper between our hero and our knightly heroine getting together. Besides being in the echii/harem genre, it looks like we will have a lot of romantic focus later on during the series.

As for the other characters, they look cool so far and this is definitely a promising series for this season. I actually can only think much of some other fantasy series similar to this. Overall, this series looks really promising.

Conclusion: This series is getting better.
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My friend, I can already see the harem end here...:D

2012/07/14 (Sat) 02:09 | EDIT | REPLY |   



Oh...? Why did the series state that the man shall hang out with a bunch of girls then? Dx

2012/07/14 (Sat) 08:19 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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