Campione! Episode 3 Impression


So we have another nice episode of Campione. But yet again, this will really turn out to be a romantic harem action fantasy anime. Putting it aside, the creators made a lot of alternatives to the Greek Gods. An example is that they introduced a new antagonist during this episode who so happened to be a Goddess and a daughter of Zeus. It's surprising that they really decided to make good Gods into villain Gods. Not just only that, thanks to their alternatives, they made their God Slaying class perfectly fit into this world.

I'm really quite impressed about this anime. The creators just once again balanced out everything and there was no such thing as too much of a certain something. In fact, this series could turn to be once of those nice classic anime but in a modern fashion. Other than that, this anime could be one of the best for this summer season but better yet, this summer season might be the best for this year. In conclusion, sweet build up episode.

Conclusion: Awesome build up episode.
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Can...can...I take Athena home? :P

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*cough* *cough* No.... xP

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