Date A Live Episode 1 Impression


So taking a look at a new anime series called Date A Live for this second Spring season. If you didn't know, Date A Live is an anime adaptation from the visual novel game called Date A Live (yes, same name).

Unlike most anime in this echii, action, harem, and more randomness genre; episode one takes a leap to the really unexpected (which is somewhat a tad different). Our protagonist is a high school student living with his adorable little cute sister and is starting his new school year. But in this world he lives in, there are mysterious disastrous space storms occurring. Although he will find the cause why these mysterious storms are appearing all in episode one itself.

Space storms, girls, possible harem, Sci-Fi, action, echii and more? If you like those things, this anime will probably be good for you. As for myself, I think it's alright and quite decent so far since I watch these type of anime usually anyway. In conclusion, it's looking good and I hope they don't abuse the echii stuff like Highschool DxD which I dropped.

Conclusion: Looking good so far...
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