Daily iOS Game Impression - Zombiegal


So... I'll be starting my daily new impressions (not reviews) for iOS games mostly relating to anime and they're free to play (+ including some game apps or just some apps from the Japanese store too).

We're starting off with a free to play recent game that came out translated in English this month called Zombiegal created from a Chinese studio named Yanshu Sun. As the title named, it's of course about zombies.

As much as I can say, it's basically a typical zombie shooter with co-op play involved. The only downside I find in this game is that the items (including upgrades) are very expensive to buy with in-game money and possibly also with real cash. Although one of the few things to get items/upgrades faster, you'll just have to log in daily to get daily rewards which includes some in-game money.

Additionally, Yanshu Sun stated they will add more content. So it's kinda like in beta-ish. Since there's not much to say and to rap things up, Zombiegal is an interesting typical survival anime shooter.

Conclusion: Interesting shooter and is recommended.

Note: Currently not available in the Japanese App Store.
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