Mirai Nikki Redial Episode 1 Impression


First of all, three words: "Oh my god!". I wasn't even expecting a 2nd season for Mirai Nikki and thought it was over. It would be a cheesy storyline if it did have a sequel (you got to admit sequels are usually bad). However, I was completely wrong (and got shoved in the face). The 2nd season continues the ending from season one and nicely connects why season one's ending occurred. The writers/producers did a great job for connecting the two seasons and starting a new adventure.

Besides the connections, I can't tell what's going to happen on the next episode. The first second season episode was basically a filler which I mentioned earlier. So what will the second season continue on? Another death game or a whole new different adventure? We'll just have to see...

Conclusion: Amazing episode connecting the 2 seasons. Can't wait for the second episode for Season 2.
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