Gatchaman Crowds Episode 3 Impression

So this episode explains and focuses on the use of GALAX. On the way they explained it so far, it's pretty much like the smart phone (except the AI is very smart) which is used in our today's society. I'm not really that impressed but due to the interesting situations and dramatic acting, they did a decent job (otherwise, it might be just plain dull by itself).

Other than than GALAX, it's just pretty much all about GALAX being used in action, unfortunately. Also I feel the characters are kinda put in unnecessary minor uses and just putting our anti-hero using her GALAX on the spotlight. Then again, I guess it's a minor downside filler.

At the very least, they did explain some of the details of a new enemy and new potential plots + interactions.

Conclusion: Somewhat disappointing filler. I just don't like it much for some reason.
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