Blood Lad Episode 5 Impression

You know what, this series is starting to remind me that it's kinda similar to Dragon Ball Z since Goku and Staz seem to be pretty powerful (and needs more power). However the big difference is Blood Lad has more of a comedy and echii driven focus than Dragon Ball Z (plus they're obviously in different settings).

Anyway, the show is getting intense. We basically get to see Staz in prison as expected but there's going to be interesting events showing up like the real story that our vampire hero misunderstood. Also the series surprisingly introduced a new foe and a new problem for the ghostly heroine. Although I wonder will the new foe be the antagonist for the entire series? So besides that, It's just quite amazing so far with all these random plots or events showing up.

Conclusion: Getting really intense and a cool mysterious foe shows up.
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