Gachaman Crowds Episode 5 Impression

Cool, we get to see more details about our mysterious GALAX creator and the red hair antagonist who got revealed to be one of the Gachaman (but is evil and berserk).

Anyway, our anti-hero heroine seems to be still annoying and also around her fellow Gachaman as usual. However I still strangely like her. So besides her, could the GALAX along with beings involved with it be a friend or foe for the Gachaman? That's the real question that I had been thinking the whole time. If it turns out to be an enemy, the creators probably did put out message that smart phones or technology itself is bad in their opinion. Although who knows whether there's message or not until the series is over (or left open for more).

Conclusion: More interesting details about the GALAX and the creator's goal.
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