Gatchaman Crowds Episode 7 Impression

Cool, this is pretty much an action episode where our Gatchaman and the GALAX team encounter and goes against the evil Gachaman. It's intense.

First of all, I thought the episode was alright. They explained more on the evil Gachaman and how powerful he can be. Also they finally showed Pai in action somewhat which is interesting. So the episode was pretty cool overall.

I also like how our anti-hero protagonist handles the Dark situations. She seems to be quite special so far even though her personality is weird. Although once again, I wonder what's going to happen next. Is our protagonist going to fight the evil Gachaman and will there be another enemy showing up?

Conclusion: Interesting action episode.
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I Agree entirely that this was one of the best episodes so far. Being able to see Pai transform was cool too bad he's a complete coward.

Seeing Hajime chat with the villain was neat too, she may be mental but she has this wise air about her at times.

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Indeed, they were cool moments.

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