Daily iOS Game Impression - Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer

Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer is a music game about managing your idol, Hatsune Miku (along with the stage building). So you basically earn money and spend them on upgrades/outfits (RPG style) for your idol, building stuff/upgrades or hire staff members to help out.

Even though managing sounds typical, there's a feature that fans would probably like or make this game interesting which is the rhythm-like part. The goal is to collect hearts by tapping/poking and you'll earn a bunch of money. However, if you keep collecting them without missing a single heart, you'll increase your Voltage bar that eventually activates (if it's full) a bonus streak by turning your hearts into gold and increasing your points way more (that will charm the audience more for more money). Although the reason why I said it's "rhythm-like" is because the feature does not exactly follow Hatsune's songs' rhythm while they're playing. So in other words, it can get somewhat mindless but fortunately, it can get challenging because of the increase of hearts to collect along with the bomb obstacles that you shouldn't tap (or you'll lose points).

Other than that, I think the game is alright overall. It's definitely great to play if you're a Vocaloid fan or if you wanted to stage manage a popular Vocaloid (happens to be Hatsune Miku).

Conclusion: A cool Vocaloid stage management game.

Note: Free to play and is currently available only in the Japanese App Store. Navigation/menu is not simple enough for those who don't know or not familiar with Japanese. Although Sega did announce they will have the game come out in English but the release date is not yet announced.
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