Gatchaman Crowds Episode 8 Impression

Wow, I really like this episode and can't keep laughing. So Rui lost X because Berg was able to steal the system in the beginning. Meanwhile, Hajime gets the Gachaman team to attend at a preschool to reveal themselves to the public and that's what the episode is mainly about (along with setting up for a new plot).

The nice thing about the episode is everything is starting to make sense even more. They showed more interesting details on our evil Gachaman and the new goals for our Gachaman team (with nice funny additional moments). Although what will happen to X (AI) and the GALAX since they got stolen? Will they add more things to the plot or help out going against Berg? Other than that, it's surprising that Hajime can do whatever she wants without troubling J.J. so far in the series.

Conclusion: Nice funny episode filling out more details for the next plot.
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