Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Episode 10 Final Impression

So our magical girl duo along with Rin and her partner faces off Berserk for the final episode. Then also they showed more development between each other. Now it's a bit disappointing that there's a total of 10 episode which is pretty two episodes short compared to the average anime (12 episodes or more) and especially compared to the main Fate series. However the side story was cool and impressive overall.

The bright side on the series is they announced that there will be a second season coming soon. But is it going to be another set if cards to capture or an entire new plot (since I haven't read the manga yet that that the anime is based on)? Also I wonder what happened to the father of Illya. Is he doing assassination stuff just like in the main series and will he be revealed next time? It's a big mystery about him. Other than that, I'm looking forward for the next season and the upcoming remake or sequel of Fate/stay night.

Conclusion: A nice finale episode with action.
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New season! *cheers happily*

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Yup! Yay!

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