Daily iOS Game Impression - I'll take care of you!

I'll take care of you! is a visual novel game with daily updates or events and with social elements like a social game you'll see in Facebook. In case you don't what a visual novel is, it's basically a interactive novel/book where you click or make choices depending on the game.

Now as far I played, you can't make choices or exactly interact with the female candidates themselves besides making simple choices like what scenes/events that you pick on the main menu. So besides the slight downside, the candidates have cute voices and there's some special occasion fan service events. Other than that, not much else to say because the visual novel game is pretty basic. However it's not that typical compared to most free visual novel app games (that doesn't have voices especially).

Conclusion: Interesting visual novel game.

Note: Free to play and is currently available only in the Japanese App Store. Navigation/menu is not simple enough for those who don't know or not familiar with Japanese. I'll take care of you! is the English translation and not the original name. 
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