Gatchaman Crowds Episode 11 Impression

So we unfortunately get an entire re-cap/flashback on this entire episode. However they showed each of the Gachaman's point of view on Hajime which was quite nice but can be skipped.

Anyway, unlike most flashbacks on any anime, they showed a bunch of action scenes and progress of the story (that's around almost half of the episode after the flashback). Also they introduced a new major plot caused by the evil Gachaman. Now since the chaos is already happening, how will the Gachaman stop the threat and will the GALAX help out or make things much worse? It's very exciting and is the outcome is coming to an end. I really can't wait as usual.

Conclusion: Disappointing re-cap episode and is skippable but there's a lot of action near the half.

Error Note: Oops, I accidentally mis-spelled "Gatchaman Crowds" as "Gachaman Crowds" on some of my posts. No idea why and got them fixed.
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