Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbyes Impression

This movie is pretty generic with a little bit of a unique twist. Imagine a universe where singing Idols and Mechs along having war with an alien race together which is quite similar or inspired to Gundam 00. I'm not saying that's really a downer but it's generic. (I did not watch the anime but I guess I'll spend time doing so soon.) The Wings of Goodbyes is quite decent and not that cheesy compare to most generic movies. The action is great and most likely too similar or inspired to once again; the Gundam series. I don't find the characters annoying or poorly acted. In fact, their not bad. Those idols dancing style reminds me of Kanon (I think that's the name of the candidate) from The World Only God Knows for some strange reason when I saw the beginning of the movie. Other than that, this movie is a must watch in case if you somehow missed it or if you want something to spend your time on.

Conclusion: Generic but it's actually not that bad.

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