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【Business Summary】 Supaku Blog is an English language Japanese anime blog. The blog has worked with MyDearest studio (Featured Steam Review) and other companies or individuals. Also, the blog is officially recommended by its Japanese host company, FC2. Its core audience is located in United States and Japan. Additional details are on About.

Inquiries will be responded within 4 days. Exceptions are press release/media kit submissions.

For guaranteed promotions, please make an offer or payment. Review copies or access is accepted as payment.

お問い合わせは3日以内にお答えします。 例外は、プレスリリース/メディアキットの提出です。


保証付きプロモーションの場合は、オファーまたは支払いをしてください。 レビューアクセスは支払いが承認されています。

Email: supakublog☆ (☆ = @)

Twitter: @SparkNorkx
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