Outbreak Company Episode 5 Impression

So on this episode, our male lead encounters a probably with our werewolf heroine. He thinks she's being strange to the point that she might do something that's life threatening.

Near the end, it was quite enjoyable and funny. Also they showed more interesting character development (including the support characters). As for the anime and other stuff reference, it seems the Kingdom (especially the young generation) is beginning to adopt the otaku culture on every next episode. Now is the culture going to make a huge impact like being bad or good? If it's going to make a good impact, it might make the people learn to see things equally. Other than that, definitely waiting for the next episode as usual.

Conclusion: Cool plot between our hero and werewolf heroine.
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You got my attention, going to start this series now. Hope it's as funny as you say... :D

2013/11/03 (Sun) 11:44 | EDIT | REPLY |   


Ah, it might be.

2013/11/03 (Sun) 15:51 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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