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Hello folks, I'll be having a co-blogger named Sydney. She will be mainly covering a variety of things relating to Japan. Here is her introduction.

Hey there, what’s up? I’m Sydney and I’m a professional lyricist. I’m currently in high school. I have quite a few hobbies; it ranges from reading manga to playing one of my instruments to listening to J rock. I consider myself a fairly good person. I know I have flaws, but I’m okay with that. My main thing is music. As cheesy as it sounds, music is my life and my life is music. Haha, it’s weird right? Oh well.

I have many dreams, as that I am a dreamer. One of my dreams here in Spark Blog would be to spread the beauty of all that is Japan, from the culture to simply anime. I've loved the culture for about 5 years now and one of my dreams is to study abroad in Japan. Ahh.. Just thinking about it gets me excited!

A warm welcome to the blog, Sydney! You can also follow her on Twitter.
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