Daily iOS Game Impression - Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild is a free to play card game where you take the role of an Agent that does multiple missions and deal with other ghosts/spirits with your ghosts/spirits. Anyway, I have been playing the game for quite a while now and I'll confirm that it's definitely pay real money for good rare cards most of the time (or you could say pay to win). There is actual no chance to get a good rare card without paying a cent unless you do a lot of grinding for certain events. That also means you won't have much of a chance in PvP. However, Story mode and some certain events is actually not that bad along with artwork for the cards. It kinda reminds me of a visual novel. Overall, a somewhat terrible card game but with nice artwork (and it's runned by Zynga after all).

Conclusion: Somewhat terrible card game but with nice anime artwork.

Note: Available in the US and Japanese app stores.
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I have to admit, i was hooked to this game for a three days, but as I played on the realization that I needed to use real money dawned on me, which is what made me quit.

Hope there comes a time when we get to play a free game that doesnt much payment.

2013/12/17 (Tue) 21:28 | EDIT | REPLY |   


There are other card games (mostly in Japanese) that doesn't require money but I didn't post about them yet.

It's mostly the typical English card games that require money for some reason.

2013/12/18 (Wed) 01:09 | EDIT | REPLY |   

DJ X  

I also downloaded this game (saw it on my facebook feed ads) and gave it a test for two days. I admin i was attracted to the anime artwork, but stopped playing after a few days. I guess I also don't like games with in-game purchases.

2013/12/18 (Wed) 08:46 | EDIT | REPLY |   


In-game purchases is actually not the problem as long it doesn't heavily affect the gameplay or balance.

2013/12/18 (Wed) 09:38 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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