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So I recently found an interesting free to play game called HabitRPG. It's basically a to do list on steroids as an RPG or treating your life like an RPG game. The game works by you simply insert a task that you need to do in real life depending on the category you insert it to (which are Habits, Dailies and To-Dos that gets explained in-game). Then once you completed each task that you inserted, you'll get EXP to level up on your character and earn Gold/Silver to spend on custom rewards (to reward yourself with) and in-game rewards (like gear and items that you can use for your character). If you don't complete daily tasks everyday or penalize yourself for a doing a certain habit, you'll lose HP and die eventually just like any other RPG game (but you'll lose your level, all your money and a random gear item if you die). Also you can party up with other players, boss battles, join or create a Guild with a certain interest, and participate in community challenges or official game events for rewards. Other than that, not much else to mention but I think the game is overall impressive and can be a very helpful life tool. If you're an RPG fan such as myself, you should probably join this game and check it out.

HabitRPG Website:

Conclusion: An interesting game dealing with your life.

Note: Also available for free on iOS and Android but is currently limited. Using the main website on your computer first is highly recommended when signing up.

Additional Note: I guess this could count as one of my Daily iOS Game Impression posts? Also my screenshot on the game is not available because it's somewhat private nor do I want to use someone's screenshot.
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