Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ Impression


Before I get started, I used to travel a lot that ranges from going to Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada and more which is basically mostly around in Asia (but I kinda got lazy to post about them). In other words, you'll see my point of view as an experienced traveler myself.

Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ is a visual novel about our American male lead who recently got in contact with two guys on the internet. He soon took a plane and went to Japan while letting them know that he's going to arrive. Once he arrived, he soon found out the two guys he met on the internet are actually girls (as shown on the screenshot on top). After they met, they then went to their home and thus, the touring adventures start.

The game is pretty interesting. You'll be able to make some choices like picking a place on where you want to go for each day but you will be limited to picking up to three places because the story will last for around five days(which fortunately means that there will be some replay value). Other than making some choices, they decently explained a lot of specific facts or explanations depending on the place you decided to go to and along with that, there's a helpful tool that shows the estimated money you would have spent during the tour (depending on the US Dollars to Japanese Yen conversion number you inserted in the beginning of the game). As for the story and characters, it's not bad but is basic since it's not the main focus in the game, exactly. Although it is something like you would see in a slice of life anime/manga with some comedy and romance (including some echii). So overall, I find the game to be quite enjoyable and surprisingly helpful for a traveler such as myself. If you want to go to Japan or if you don't think you can go to Japan but is in your interest, I would highly recommend you to buy this game. It's really worth the money.

Conclusion: An awesome visual novel guide of Japan.
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