Japanese Street Fashion Part 3 - Oshare Kei


This is my third part to my series of Japanese street fashion! This time we’re going to talk about Oshare Kei. Which is somewhat part of Visual Kei, how I put it is that Oshare kei is the happy-go-lucky version of Visual kei. Oshare kei is also more towards the leading ordeal of fashion and a cutting edge style. This is composed of punk elements, bright colors and mixing different patterns to create a unique look. However, unlike visual kei the makeup is toned down. The makeup mostly focuses on the eyes alone. Although a similarity to Visual kei is that they both contain piercings of sorts.

An example.

Quite a few artists have been influenced by this fashion statement. These artists include; An Café, Panic Channel, Ichigo69, Lolita23q, SuG, LM.C, and Aicle. However do note that this is more towards SuG’s earlier styles, such as in Pink Masquerade, Gimmie Gimmie and other earlier songs created by them. I hope you all enjoyed reading!

By: Sydney

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