Carnival Phantasm Episode 5 Impression


Heh, I didn't get to follow this anime (besides watching the first episode when it first came out) but I was able to catch up. In case you don't know this anime, it is basically a "multi-universe" or all characters collide from Fate/Stay Night (Fate/Zero not included) and more anime created by the same company but they are a series of short episodes. This particular episode shows Berserker (a character of Fate/Stay Night) going on an errand for most of this episode. Wait, Berserker going on an errand!!!?? How can this be? Is he even smart enough to think? Well, this section is surprisingly way funnier than expected and it's definitely recommendable if you're a Fate fan. And of course they are some other sections in this episode that you need to find out yourself.

Conclusion: Berserker going on an errand... LOL!
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