Ben-To Episode 5 Impression


So... We see Sato in his underwear running around in school like usual (cough) (cough). Now, besides that; who is this mysterious organization watching some of the main characters that was left off on the previous episode? Well, for the entire episode, it reveals that their true goal or purpose why they are formed. Apparently, the leader(known as Monarch)of this organization wants to invade all the stores and he had gathered a lot of people from the Eastern district. In other words; war. This leader isn't just "ordinary". He is one of the best legendary fighters for bento. In the end, someone will have to form a Western district group but you will have to guess on who will be the leader. Now, could Monarch be the main antagonist of this series? Probably. Anyway, I have a good feeling that there will be tons of action on the next episodes (well, hopefully).

Conclusion: Nice action and the story is just getting better.
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