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Megami Engage! Quest is a coming soon game for iOS and Android based from the original web browser version. The game is a battle card game featuring a lot of characters from popular different visual novels like CLANNAD, Ever17, Tayutama, The Devil On G-String, Little Busters and much more. It will be a world wide release around Summer 2014.

The pre-registration event will earn you two chances. The first chance is one free gacha roll and five more rolls depending on the global throw number. As for the second chance, you're allowed to choose one girl and another additional five depending on the amount of masters who join. You'll need to sign up for a G-mode account.

Pre-Register:" target="_blank" title="">

If you somehow get directed to the Japanese version and can only read or speak English, simply go to the language menu located on very the bottom of the site and then click on your appropriate language.

Note: A staff member from G-mode emailed me a request to do some coverage on the game and provided me more information. Also it turned out I already pre-registered when the event first started and I totally forgot about the game. Anyway, I'll be receiving some early release images of the game soon and I'll be posting them up along with probably more coverage. Stay tune.
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