Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam Episode 4 Impression


Wow.... (jaws dropped). More characters from the first season have been reintroduced on this episode. That is just plain awesome (even though I had checked the characters list and knew which ones will appear). So, we finally get to see this mysterious ship (similar to the Silvana) called the Silvius. And guess whose the Captain of that ship? You guessed it if you watched the first season, one of the former crew members of the Silvana. Also, the episode tells about some of Dio's details and more of his personality just like the first season. Other than that, that is basically what mostly this episode is all about.

The new characters are good so far. My current favorite one is Fam Fan Fan because she's a good pilot like Claus and she has a nice boy-ish personality. But, it would be nice if Claus somehow makes an appearance. Now, I wonder if Fam Fan Fan will pilot a fighter Vanship or equip guns on her Vespa?... Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam is not disappointing to me so far just like the first season.

Conclusion: Like the first season characters making more appearances finally (besides Dio) and nice action.
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