Building Kan Colle Model Vol. 1 Akagi


Recently, I found and bought a ship model based on the popular Japanese social browser strategy game called Kan Colle. The game is basically about girls representing historical Japanese ships from World War II. Anyway, the ship model I got is based from a girl/ship named Akagi (pictured on top). Here are some pictures.

Opening the package.

The tiny fighter planes are surprisingly detailed and cute.

The tricky part is to put the tiny pieces in the tiny little holes.

See that little dirt? It's the smallest piece out of all the pieces to place on the ship.

The side of the ship.

The top of the ship.

Full picture of the ship.

I had to get help to assemble the entire model since I couldn't do it myself. It's definitely not for beginners and you really need very steady hands like a dentist. Also besides having the basic model tools (glue, tweezers, and cutters), you will need white light to even see the little pieces and put them together. So in conclusion, the model looks awesome, cute and well detailed but I'm definitely not going to collect more of them due to the difficultly/hassle (unless I somehow find a model builder to assemble them for me).

Note: Some pictures were also shown on my Twitter. Feel free to find them and check them out.
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