Hikaru no Nikki Light Novel Series Chapter 1 Release


So recently, I launched an on-going light novel series called Hikaru no Nikki (Diary of Hikaru) under Project Hikaru which I'm currently working on. Each chapter will be released daily and right now, Chapter 1 along with the Prologue is now released. Here's the description.

Hikaru no Nikki (Diary of Hikaru) is about a 17 year old female student named Hikaru Leilani living in present day Okinawa, Japan. She attends at a high school called STAR which specializes in teaching combat, warfare tactics and other variety of subjects. Before Hikaru transferred to the school, her combat master vanished. Will she be able to find clues and leads to find her missing master while she's attending at STAR?

Feel free to read.

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