My Trip to Colossalcon!

A cosplayer from outside of the con. She's cosplaying Celty from 'Durarara!'

Colossalcon is an Anime convention here located in Ohio. It is also a 4 day convention, therefore.. It's pretty big! A few larder events to name would be the Colossalcon Ball, Ask Your Favorite Anime Character, Otaku Arts and Crafts Fair, Gothic Lolita Fashion Showcause, Cosplay Contest, Symphonic Anime Orchestra and many many more. This year's Voice actor line up was; Vic Mignogia, Johnny Yong Bosch, Bryce Papenbrook, Cree Summer, Patrick Seitz, Erica Schrodeder and a few more! The dealers room was large as per usual. However, it was not large enough for all of the venders. I did notice that there were some venders that were set up outside of the dealers room due to lack of room. All in all this con was well worth my experience and money and I plan to go again next year! Colossalcon 2015 here I come!

A group of Hetalia cosplayers walking around from the con.

Another cosplayer walking around that caught my eye. Cosplaying from Kuroko No Basket.

An image of the dealers room. More cosplayers from Kuroko no Basket.

By: Sydney
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