Daily iOS Game Impression - Million Lore

Million Lore is a card game that takes place in China and sequel of Million Arthur.

So after a lot of hours of playing, the game is pretty fun. You basically get to do stuff like collecting cards, upgrading, customizing your team or deck and much more just like the usual card games. Although the art is really cool since it's a collaboration between Japanese and Korean artists besides Square Enix being the developer. Other than the art, there's also a nice visual novel feature for the story campaign.

As for player versus player duels, it's not bad. If a player attacks and defeats you first, it won't be tracked on your win and lose ratio except for losing the card fragments that you collect to form a card. However I'm still waiting for the Faction wars which is coming soon. Overall besides having a super rate team, a cool card game.

Conclusion: A cool card game.

Note: Available in the Korean app store. Language can be English, Korean or Chinese.
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