Project D Online Succeeded Steam Greenlight and Quick Impression


Yesterday, Project D Online passed Steam Greenlight. Now the developers will be working on the Steam release besides the English release. For more details, check out the page and official website.

So after playing the Japanese version for a bit, the server I was on was pretty much mostly empty on player population for some reason. Anyway, the combat system is awkward along with the controls. Also the character customization is pretty limited especially compared to other MMOs. The game overall just feels buggy and dull (also including the shooting mechanic). In fact, it shouldn't be released at this current state. I'd rather play Phantasy Star Online 2 (which is currently down at this time due to an attack) or some other MMO. Other than that, I'll be checking the game again later on after some more updates.

Steam Greenlight:

Official Website:
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