Himegoto Episode 1 Impression


Himegoto is about a boy who cross dresses because of certain circumstances. On this episode, our male lead is in trouble until the student council showed up.

I first thought it was going to be a full episode but it's actually another shorts series where episodes are around four minutes long. Anyway, the plot sounds similar to Hayate no Gotoku (or Hayate the Combat Butler) because our male lead is in a huge debt. However, is he really a "boy"? He actually looks like a girl and his voice is high pitched just like a girl. Also they never revealed his real appearance yet unless it's that boy with no eyes shown behind our cross dressed male lead in the opening? Overall, interesting series and I definitely can't wait to see the next episode.

As another note in the opening, if you hear a random guy singing some kind of rap song somewhere, it's definitely fake. Whoever inserted that is dumb and it doesn't even go along with the animation. The actual opening is a girl singing.

Conclusion: Interesting shorts series.
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