Fate/Zero Episode 8 Impression


All right! Another nice all action episode continuing with a cool story. At this rate, it will have way more action than the first season itself even though it's basically the past of the Fate series. I liked how this episode got the protagonist (Emiya) fight by himself deeply with a one on one duel with the mage that is the master of Lancer. If you're predicting that Emiya is using the same tactics against the mage from the previous episode, you are somewhat wrong. In other words, the action scenes are not that predictable (at least for me). I have to say that the ending almost became saddening but it turned out to be one of events that reminds me of the first season (Fate/Stay night). You will see what I mean if you had seen the first season. That's pretty much what I can say because once again; it's all action. Overall, if you're just looking for all the action, you won't be really disappointed.

Conclusion: Nice all out action episode.
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