Ben-To Episode 7 Impression


Fan service (cough) (cough)... But it's strange that they made the protagonist look like a pervert in this episode. Anyway, I thought that this episode should be a OVA when I watched the beginning but unlike any other fan service, they added a fight scene for bento which is what the series is pretty known for. I actually laughed hard on this episode when they added that fight scene in the fan service. I also liked how they got that bad luck girl involved to make things more complicated. The relationship between Sato and Yarizui is getting closer and it might turn out be romance. Overall, this is not just a stereo type fan service you usually see and it's actually great and laughable. Now, time for me to eat some lunch.

Conclusion: Awesome laughable fan service.
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Shaga so sexy wearing swimsuit ;p~

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