Fate/Zero Episode 9 Impression


Wow, another nice episode like usual. The nice part is that they showed way more details about Lancer than the first season which is quite nice and also details about the girl Lancer was with at the credits is included. The characters are still nicely played but there's sadly no action. It was pretty much all talk about what the characters will plan to do basically which is not a bad thing. Though, I'll say this again; Fate/Zero is still doing great so far and it looks like that it may be way better than the first season at this rate. For sure, it will beat and still beats Guilty Crown even though that series is trying to rival with it by graphics and other things. Overall, more nice character development for this episode.

Conclusion: No action but nice character development.

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Those eyes are evil...

Sola Ui is getting creepy...I wonder how much she'll last before getting killed...:P

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I wonder that too. Lol.

2011/11/27 (Sun) 14:37 | EDIT | REPLY |   

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