Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Episode 9 Impression


Wow... A fantasy puzzle theme and a cross dressing contest involved. That is just plain interesting. The funniest part I find out of this episode is Kaito being dressed as a princess thanks to his friend, Itou. Besides the funny part, the episode is about a puzzle designed created by the director of P.O.G. to personally kill Kaito and that's basically most of the entire episode. Though, I am kinda disappointed because the puzzle is just somewhat too darn short and the main problem. But, it is really not a big deal because then again - they showed more details about the setting and story. They also have showed more of Kaito's mysterious allies' involvement. Overall, it's not much of a downer. At least, the creators are doing a better decent job compare to Ben-To. But, I still swear that Anna is actually a girl somewhere ever since she/he appeared at the previous episodes.

Conclusion: The episode's puzzle is somewhat too short but it's not bad.
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