iOS Game Impression - Bravely Archive D's report


Bravely Archive D's report is a new recent released RPG based from Bravely Default. The game is actually quite similar to Grand Blue Fantasy (which also happens to be created by one of the former creators of Final Fantasy and has similar art style). But I find this game way better because it's not browser based, better UI, combat system, animation and much more. Anyway, you basically manage your party and gain characters/items/levels and fight enemies, and participate in special zones/events like in usual RPG games for mobile.

My party.

However, what makes this game a bit more unique is pretty much the music, soundtrack, combat system and it's based on Bravely Default. As for the combat system itself, there's a cool feature that allows you to tap a character and slide it to the skill you want to use. In conclusion, an awesome RPG game and has some interesting features.

I'll probably post more about it along with other games I'm currently playing (and also you can check out my Twitter for game feed/status).

Conclusion: An awesome RPG and has some interesting features.

Note: Available in the Japanese app store.

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