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A family runned online store based in Japan called Freedom Japanese Market offers an interesting Japanese snack box subscription service. They basically send boxes of Japanese snacks monthly to you and are personally handpicked based on the current season. Shipping is free worldwide and you can cancel the subscription anytime without fees or penalties.

So the store contacted and offered me a free box of snacks to take a look and I accepted. Once the package arrived, I opened it and here are the contents. As a side note, they included a list about their store and explaining about the snacks (so you don't really have to do the research). Also there's monthly oragami you can collect (this month's oragami is a heart).

As a heads up, I used to travel a lot mostly around in Asia (Japan, Singapore, Philippines, etc.) and have eaten a lot of Asian food or snacks. I also have a high taste standard for Asian food. My opinions will be based on my experience and personal taste as usual.

Opening the box...

Kaki no Miki

Kaki no Miki are basically rice crackers and contains nuts. After tasting it, it tastes around average especially if you tried other Asian rice cracker snacks.

PukuPuku Tai

PukuPuku Tai is similar to Japanese Taiyaki but has fluffy chocolate filling instead of the sweet bean paste. After tasting it, it tastes like a chocolate wafer and is pretty good.

Pokemon Karipori

Pokemon Karipori is tart candy with fizzy grape/melon flavored coating. After tasting it, it's sweet and kinda such a soda taste. I like it. Although I can't think of anything to compare to.

Kanpai Ramune

Kanpai Ramune is a cute little mug container filled ramune candies. After tasting it, it's similar to the Western candy called PEZ but less sweet. I find it decent.

Dark Cholocate Kit-Kats

Dark Cholocate Kit-Kats are wafers coated with dark chocolate. First off, I love Japanese Kit Kats on any flavor. They're all pretty great. The dark chocolate flavored Kit-Kats are basically dark chocolate flavored instead of the normal chocolate.

Rilakkuma Pretzels

Rilakkuma Pretzels are honey butter flavored pretzel sticks. After tasting it, it's quite similar to Pocky which I love.


Umaibo is puffed corn stick that comes in a variety of flavors. The two flavors in the package are pizza and onion salad. For the pizza, it tastes cheesy and oniony. I'll admit it's a little close to pizza. As for the onion salad, it's quite similar to onion rings that are fried or in snack packages. They're both good.


Karamucho are hot chili flavored potato chips. Since I can't handle hot stuff too well and after tasting it, it's basically just hot chili flavored potato chips. I can easily handle it and is quite comparable to other Asian chip snacks.

Hora Dekita DIY Candy

Hora Dekita DIY Candy is a kit that lets you form your own candied apples. After tasting it, it's pretty tasty and sweet. Also I find it quite cute to dip and form the candied apples.

Maze Maze Drink (Bonus Candy)

A bonus candy in the package. Maze Maze Drink are drink flavored jelly beans. After tasting it, it's quite similar to the Western Jelly Belly jelly beans and others which I like.

In conclusion, if you want to get daily snacks from Japan, I recommend this service. There's an interesting variety nicely handpicked during certain seasons. Also as part of the promotion, mention "SparkNorkx" on order notes of the subscription and you'll get a free bonus candy with your order.

Conclusion: An interesting Japanese snack service.

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