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Hello, I'm an anime blogger who mainly focuses on short read impressions.

Anime first came into my life when I was quite young. My first shows were Sailor Moon, Gundam and Pokemon(eventually Yu-Gi-Oh! came along). But, it wasn't really my main interest until I got much older.

I started blogging about anime in an anime fan community for a while and then I eventually realized that I was getting "limited". So, I decided to create an actual blog which is currently this website (out from my experiences from making free hosted websites and some coding in the past). That is how I pretty much ended up blogging mainly about anime and other things - it's a funny story, right?

My main interests are watching anime, tech things, playing video games, reading light novels and some manga. Also, I love playing Girls' Frontline.

If you need to reach out to me, please check the Contact section.

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About Sydney...


Hey there, what’s up? I’m Sydney and I’m a professional lyricist. I’m currently in high school. I have quite a few hobbies; it ranges from reading manga to playing one of my instruments to listening to J rock. I consider myself a fairly good person. I know I have flaws, but I’m okay with that. My main thing is music. As cheesy as it sounds, music is my life and my life is music. Haha, it’s weird right? Oh well.

I have many dreams, as that I am a dreamer. One of my dreams here in Spark Blog would be to spread the beauty of all that is Japan, from the culture to simply anime. I've loved the culture for about 5 years now and one of my dreams is to study abroad in Japan. Ahh.. Just thinking about it gets me excited!


About Ryan...


Hi there! I’m Ryan and I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. I’m fairly new to anime, but what I’ve seen thus far is promising and it seems like an interesting medium. My knowledge of Japanese culture is not much better, but it seems awesome and the food is delicious. While I obviously will not be able to match the expertise of my fellow bloggers, perhaps an outsider perspective will be refreshing on this blog.

Some of my passions include engineering, industrial design, everything Disney, and the outdoors. I’m a senior in high school at the time of writing, and plan on majoring in mechanical engineering in college, though that may change as time goes by. I tend to be friendly and welcoming to all, and am here for you if you ever just want to talk. I pride myself in being unbiased about nearly everything, so if you ever need an opinion, feel free to ask for one. And that’s pretty much it for now. Keep an eye out for my posts.

About Yung Raven...


Hello everyone! I'm a writer, and I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Yung Raven, and I'm a big fan of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi series. I'm just out of high school, and I'll be reviewing Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, and Anime. If I find a game that interests me, I'll review that as well. Every once in a while, I'll also do some commentary on D&D Campaigns that I run with a bunch of friends, as usually we end up in hilarious situations. If I find additional time, I'll possibly write retrospectives on certain series, games, and other such things that I have already completed, and analyze them so anyone else can understand the content better. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my content!

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